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World of Speakers

From Keynote to E-note

World of Speakers podcast host, Ryan Foland, speaks with Eric Sim to find out how professional speakers can achieve better delivery.


Our Mission

To train professionals to become successful at work and in life


Signature Skill

A successful restaurant has a signature dish.
A successful person has a signature skill.


Combo Specialist

Like a McDonald combo meal, be a combo specialist. The burger is your major specialization, fries is your minor and coke is your interest.


Expertise, Showmanship, Production (ESP)

Besides having an Expertise, develop your Showmanship and learn about content Production



Target to achieve not just Money but also Meaning, Health and Happiness



stories from our participants

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  • Benson Song

    Managing Director, Tunderly Group (a creative display production house)
    “Eric is, without a doubt, the finest life coach I’ve had the pleasure to meet during my time at the UBS LEADS Certification Program in 2016. His presentation was captivating and inspiring and it is clear he stood out as the most well-spoken and passionate among all the UBS Managing Directors on stage. Eric’s teaching style is uniquely his own. He spent years crafting his art; not solely based on theory, but also his personal experience and secret know-hows. His holistic approach and ideologies on winning in business and life enabled me to approach my life and my visions for business with a level-up mentality. His lessons are down-to-earth and speaks to everyone, leaving his audience feeling inspired and ready to manifest their own visions. It is rare to find such a gem like Eric, who truly cares for your well-being and is able to share the wisdom he has accumulated in his professional career with you.”
  • Alexander Bergmueller

    Goldman Sachs Incoming Analyst 2021 / IE University MSc
    “When I was applying to jobs in summer 2020, I was constantly inspired and motivated by Institute of Life’s Eric Sim. He shared his opinion not only on how to secure a job offer during challenging times as the covid pandemic, but he also emphasised on the fact to always have valuable skills which are not the main skills of the job. He calls those skills “signature dish”. Having a unique profile is really essential during times where the labour demand is down, the labour supply higher than ever before and many people coming from prestigious universities, have excellent grades and have completed multiple internships. He also made clear that rejection and initial failure come prior to success and that one should not give up and stay driven. I got a full time offer to join Goldman Sachs in London because I took massive action over a substantial period of time. Eric and IOL definitely supported me a lot. Action is the first step to success!”
  • Vanessa Ho

    NUS BBA / DJ
    “Before attending Eric's sharings, LinkedIn was a passing thought and I never truly knew how to leverage on it. Was it simply a social media for older people? Turns out it's the best place for students to get connected with professionals or job hunt if personal branding is done well. After attending several workshops and sharings, I was very inspired by Eric's remarkable journey and took heed from the many tips given, from storytelling to communication. I also appreciate how he helps students like myself in LinkedIn personal branding even after the workshops have ended. A LinkedIn revamp has improved the size and value of my network tremendously ever since!”
  • Shakiru Okunade

    WAF Crude Oil Trading Analyst at Chevron
    "I have been reading Eric’s articles since 2015 and was kindly invited to his presentation in London. From career, personal branding, networking to presentation advice, Eric’s open, honest, and practical approach to story-telling and mentoring reflects his holistic view of life. Eric shares personal struggles and successes, challenging others to achieve their full human potential. I was very happy to hear Eric had set up the Institute of Life. I have no doubt this institute will change lives."

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