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"Hi Eric! I attended your webinar and I truly came out completely changed. I just wanted you to know your speech was outstandingly motivating! Your advice was worth everything. You probably get messages of this type frequently. Your work is admirable and I would have never imagined how could a one-hour session create so much impact on a person."

Silvia Gomez del Pozo, 2021 Summer Intern at Citigroup | IE University, Madrid,

“During his “Career after Corona” speech, Eric shared his unique insights on how to stand out during virtual interviews and professional networking. What I didn´t expect was the level of details Eric prepared for the webinar, such as choosing LinkedIn Live platform over Zoom, content selection, camera, background lighting and audio quality. His attention to details inspired me to follow the same steps when I prepared each of my interviews. I got the internship I was looking for.”

James Huang, UBS Global Banking Summer Intern, Nov 2020